• Second Abyss Expansion

    Abyss Leviathan, the second expansion will release in 2018.

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The game

For centuries, creatures have ruled without peer in the depths of the oceans. Their kingdom, Abyss, is respected by all of their allies’ nations, happy to find protection there against fearsome undersea monsters.
Soon the throne will be vacant…
What if it is time for you to claim it?

Time is short! There are only a few days to go before the crowning of the new monarch. To expand your influence and seem to be the only clear choice, you’ll have to explore, recruit, control…

The Allies

Explore the depths seeking Allies

The Exploration cards represent a nation of Allies with a value between 1 and 5

Allies grant you the support required for a Lord to deem you worthy of being joined.

The Lords

Recruit the best Lords from the Court







The Lords all have powers, some possess Keys. A Key can also be gained by fighting a Monster.
With 3 Keys, immediately take control of a Location.

The Locations

Control the main Locations of the kingdom