The Design of the game

Bruno Cathala


Bruno was born in Belles in France on November 22nd 1963. Schooled as an engineer in Material Science, specialized in Tungsten alloy metallurgy, he has been spending his time since 2001 on boardgames and their development.

Mad about good stories and fluid mechanics, Bruno Cathala likes to work with other authors: “a game is the result of a collaboration of all instants” he likes to say. After coming into the world of boardgaming in 2002, Bruno is currently one of the most prolific authors of the modern game world, with, for the year 2014, over than 5 new releases, including Abyss.

Bruno has notably created:
M. Jack 2006 Hurrican, Jamaica 2007 Gamesworks
Dice Town 2009 Matagot, Cyclades 2009 Matagot
Desperados Of Dice Town 2014 Matagot
Noé 2012 Bombyx
Five Tribes 2014 Days of Wonder

The author is also known online under his handle, “Bruno des montagnes”, here’s his blog.

Charles Chevallier


Born on November 4th 1966 in Luxemburg, he lives in the Paris area. Charles Chevalier is an architect, an urbanist, and industrial designer with a very creative mind.
He’s been making his own games and toys since the age of 7, and now he writes boardgames in his free time.

The Ludothèque de Boulogne-Billancourt contest, which he won in 2009 along with Catherine Dumas and Pascal Pelemans with St Benoît which later became Intrigo (Hazgaard then Fantasy Flight Games), was a determining factor and opened wide for him the doors to being published.

Charles is the author of:
Jurassik 2011 et Kenya 2013 Ilopeli
Le Secret de Montecristo 2011 Filosofia
Nautilus 2012 Libellud
Ici Londres 2013 Cocktail Games
Gentlemen Cambrioleurs, Continental Express 2013, Sultaniya 2014 Bombyx

To learn more about the creation of a game by Charles (Acétylène) here’s his author’s notebook for Sultaniya.

Xavier Collette


Born in 1981, Xavier Collette begins a science major, but quickly switches to graduate in art design, at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Liège, where he earned his diploma in 2004. He then multiplies various contracts: artwork for roleplaying games (7ème Cercle) and literature, concept artist in a videogame company (10tacle Belgium), then with Akama to create 3D films for ads…

It’s after publishing his personal work, centered on the character of Alice, online that he meets David Chauvel, to finally fall through the rabbit hole and create with him his first comic book series!

Après plusieurs livres jeunesse dont Le chat qui avait peur des ombres, Le petit bois du dimanche soir, Xavier poursuit son métier d’illustrateur. Il créa les couvertures de romans chez Nathan, Pocket, Castelmore, L’Atalante, Critic et commença ses premiers travaux pour le jeu de société : Timeline, Noé, Croc, Sultaniya chez Bombyx, Et toque et Dixit chez Libellud.

In early 2014, the first tome of his second comic book came out, Soufflevent, from Delcourt editions, with Andoryss writing. Xavier creating fantasy worlds. Given great freedom, he did remarkable work on the world of Abyss.

Find an interview with the authors.


Voici quelques illustrations de Xavier Collette tirées du jeu Abyss.